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Employers - Consider TWC's "Shared Work" program

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Updated 3/23/2020
Texas Workforce Commission encourages employers to use 'Shared Work' program instead of layoffs due to COVID-19

More details about Shared Work Program 

The Texas Workforce Commission has been overwhelmed by thousands of Texans applying for unemployment benefits
Shared Work allows employers to supplement their employees’ wages lost because of reduced work hours with partial unemployment benefits. 
Under the program, employers can reduce normal weekly work hours for employees in an affected unit by at least 10 percent but not more than 40 percent. 

 Shared Work unemployment benefits are payable to employees who qualify for and participate in an approved Shared Work Plan. Workers may choose not to participate. Employees who qualify will receive both wages and Shared Work unemployment benefits. 
The employer can use the Shared Work Plan only for employees whose hours have been reduced. Shared Work benefits can be paid only for wages lost because of a reduction in the employee’s regular hours. Regular hours may not exceed 40 hours. An employee who normally works overtime may not receive shared work benefits for a reduction in their overtime hours. 

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