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FREE CyberSecurity Vulnerability Scan

Offer Valid: 02/10/2023 - 05/31/2023
Working to keep our Chamber members secure, one business at a time.
Our primary goal for 2023 is to help contribute to the cybersecurity of our local businesses!  We want to ensure you and your entire team/network can elude the disastrous effects of being compromised or breached. We will erase any concerns or doubts you have about your security, and gift you with a FREE Vulnerability Scan. Our comprehensive, unbiased, 3rd party pen-test, will bring to light any issues that hinder your business from being cybersecure and provides an in-depth report of your threat landscape. You’re presented proof about what’s working and what’s not. (It's entirely up to you whether to share your report with your current I.T. provider). If you are not 100% sure that your current method of protection is working, fully implemented, or even exists, give us a call or send an email. 
There is absolutely no obligation.
We're here to help any local SMB reduce their risk of a pending threat.  

Charleen Ferguson
 VP Sales & Marketing
Just Call The I.T. Guy

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